U.C.A.S. Compatibility

Supported CPUs for all available Shields

As I don't collect non-ES CPU, I don't have access to all existing variations. Anyway, thanks to fellow chip collectors, the UCAS is being tested with many of them. Here is a partial compatibility list for all currently available shields.

iAPX 86 UCAS - ** 8086/8088/V20/V30 **

The iAPX 86 UCAS will work with all 8086 or 8088 pin-compatible CPU. It supports DIP40 and also PLCC (with a simple adapter).

AMD D8088-LF
AMD D8088
AMD P8088-1
AMD P8088
AMD QM8086
AMD QM8088-2
AMD QM8088
Fujitsu MBL8086-2
Fujitsu MBL8088-2 (P)
Fujitsu MBL8088-2 (C)
Harris CP80C88
Harris IS80C88
Intel D8086 CS
Intel D8086-1 (remark)
Intel D8086-4
Intel D8088
Intel LD8086
Intel MD8086-2 ES
Intel MD8086-2
Intel P8088-2 (1998)
Intel P8088-2
Intel P8088
Intel P80C86A-2
Intel P80C88
Intel QD8086
Intel TD8086
MHS D-8086-2
NEC V20 (D70108HCZ-16)
NEC V30 (D70116C-10)
OKI M80C86A-10
Sharp LH70108-8
Siemens SAB 8086-1-C
Siemens SAB 8086-1-P
Siemens SAB8088-1-P
Sony CXQ70108D-8
Sony CXQ70108P-8
Sony CXQ70116P-8
USSR KM1810BM86 (C)
USSR KP1810BM86 (P)
USSR M1810BM86

iAPX 86 UCAS - ** 8085 **

The iAPX 86 UCAS also supports 8085s.

Intel D8085A
Intel P8085AH-1
Intel P8085AH-2
Mitsubishi M5L8085AP
NEC D8085A-2
OKI M80C85A-2
Siemens SAB 8085AH-2-P