About Me

My name is Samuel DEMEULEMEESTER. I dare you to pronounce that correctly. I was born in Tournai, Belgium in 1981 and I now live near Lyon, France. I have a master degree in explosive modding and a PhD in marketing bullshit detection. I created x86-secret.com (now defunct) in 2001, then I worked as Editor-In-Chief at Presse Non Stop, a publishing group located in Paris. I founded a magazine called Canard PC Hardware in 2009. You (maybe) already heard that name if you’re into computer hardware, and especially CPUs leaks. As a journalist I hated corruption and Doritos, that’s essentially why I still don’t have a nice pool in my backyard today.

From a software PoV, I contributed to some major open-source projects, being the lead dev for Memtest86+ for 10+ years. I also created the CPU-Z Validator, which I still maintain today. I have some decent experience in x86 ASM, Verilog, PHP, C/C++ and C#. I love Regex & obscure assembly that nobody cares about like COSMAC or IA64. I hate Javascript and Python. I can (sometimes) tolerate VHDL or Perl. I know nothing about R or Ruby.

From a hardware PoV, I began very early (well before the “makers” hype) to enhance various stuffs until they die. I often design various PCB from scratch to fit my needs: schematics, PCB layout, components selection, hand-soldering or reflow, firmware development, etc. I have a special fetish for high-precision T&M (Test and Measurement) equipments, FPGAs and burning PSUs. And last but not least, I love retro-computing from 70s to 90s.

To summarize: I do many things well, none of which generate income. I also do many things really bad. Listen to my guitar skills if you want to be sure about that.

You can reach me by email at this address: 01100100011001010111011001000000011110000011100000110110001011100110011001110010

PS: I hate spam