The U.C.A. now supports Zilog Z80s

Let’s introduce the first UCAS Adapter.

Some IC families requires a remap of power lines, much harder to implement into the target UCAS then a remap of signal lines. Adding the required hardware to support software power lines remapping on a 40+ pins IC is just too expensive to consider. The solution is a cheap passive adapter (less than $10).

Here is the first one, that add support for Z80 to the iAPX86 UCAS !

Z80 UCAS Adapter
The PCB is cut to allow easy manipulation of the underlying Socket’s lever.

Z80 UCAS Adapter mounted on iAPX86 UCA
A clear indication of the family supported is printed on top.

Early Zilog Z80A under testing on Z80 UCAS Adapter @ 4 MHz

The Shield can be configured for 2.5/4/6 or 8 MHz. Tested at 8 MHz with a Z80H and working fine!